The mission of Fellowship Raleigh Church is transforming religious and irreligious people through the Gospel into passionate disciples of Jesus. 


We desire to make the truth, beauty, and compassion of Jesus visible through the local church to families and youth in the city, to students on the six college campuses in and around Raleigh, and wherever our church has a presence of authentic community through our Fellowship Groups.


Just as ancient pillars stand tall, beautifully adorn, and survive thousands of years Fellowship Raleigh aims to be a pillar of Biblical teaching in the midst of historic Raleigh population growth and development. 


Just as the human heart serves to circulate and re-oxygenate blood to empower the human body, Fellowship Raleigh seeks to serve as the spiritual heart of passionate discipleship to our city.



2 Timothy 4:1-2

We are a church where God's Word is the engine and rudder. We hope that every sermon helps you love and understand your Bible more. Being committed to verse-by-verse teaching means we are studying the Bible the way God wrote it and cannot avoid the difficult subjects. 


John 4:23-24

Above all, we engage our heads, hearts, and hands in lifting up our Savior Jesus Christ with whole-life and musical worship. We love variety in our musical style. Whether new or old songs, we love singing the truth about who God is and what He has done. 


Hebrews 10:24-25

We are a community where the gospel of Jesus Christ frees us from pretending and performing and allows us to be our authentic selves, to commit to one another in the local church, and to truly grow together by the grace of God.   


Luke 10:37

From a posture of compassion, we are a church that is bold in personal evangelism and active in mercy ministry that meets the real needs around us. Our goal is to show our city and world the love of God in word and deed.  


The dream of Fellowship Raleigh was born Summer 2005 while taking a church planting class at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago.  From the beginning, the vision has been to plant a dynamic local church in the heart of a strategic city where there is both cultural diversity and a significant college and university presence. Like any living and breathing story, many things have changed along the way, but the important aspects of our vision and values have always remained the same. Our mission is to transform religious and irreligious people through the Gospel into passionate disciples of Jesus.

  • 2005

The dream was born in a seminary church planting class

  • 2006

10-month Church Planting Leadership Residency Program at Fellowship Bible Church (Little Rock, AR)

  • 2007

On the ground in Raleigh to begin recruiting a core group

  • 2008

Public launch of worship services at Broughton High School

  • 2015

After years in a converted dance studio we purchased our facility in East Downtown at 410 Lord Berkley

  • 2018

10 Year Anniversary as a church


Fellowship Raleigh is a non-denominational, elder-led local church. We maintain partnerships with other churches and networks centered around care, common mission, and like-minded philosophy or ministry.

  • Sending Church: Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, Arkansas (Fellowship Associates Network
  • Co-Sending Church: Four Oaks Community Church (Sojourn Network) 
  • Fellowship Associates Network: Fellowship Associates was founded by Fellowship Bible Church of Little Rock as a community of like-minded churches.  The network facilitates the idea of sharing, coaching, and accountability among its pastors.  Many of the churches, including Fellowship Raleigh, were planted through FA's Church Planting Residency Program.  The network includes churches in other major cities such as: Portland, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, and Austin.  For more info about FA, visit their website fellowshipassociates.com.  
  • Pillar Network: The Pillar Network is a community of Great Commission Baptists & International Baptist Churches that are doctrinally aligned, missionally driven, and committed to equipping, planting, and revitalizing churches. 
  • Partnerships: 9 Marks, The Gospel Coalition, Leaders Collective, IMB, NAMB, NCBaptists