Sunday Teams

Fellowship Kids (Children’s Ministry Team)

To partner with parents in equipping children with an understanding of the truths of God’s Word, the grace of the Gospel, and the character of God, so that they might worship the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.
Leader/Director: Jessica Mccolley (

Welcome Team

To create a welcoming environment by extending a warm welcome and a worship bulletin to everyone who joins us for Sunday worship.
Leader: Jayne Hindman (

Hospitality Team

To create a welcoming environment through the preparation of fresh roasted and ground coffee and tea for our church family and guests in the basement.
Leader: Erin Phillips (

Worship Team (Band)

To lead others towards exalting Jesus Christ through music and liturgy. The worship team is composed of a close knit group of gifted vocalists and musicians. The worship team is always seeking to grow in number and diversity of gifting.
Leader/Director: Jeremy Phillips (

A/V Team

To create an engaging and distraction free worship environment through the management of audio, video, and lighting technology.
Leader: Josh Mccolley (

Usher Team

To serve others by collecting the offering, distributing the elements of Communion, guaranteeing seating for our guests, and handling any and all distractions during the service.
Leader: Gerry Amato (