Inner City Mentor Program (LAMP)Ministries

Part of Fellowship Raleigh’s ministry to our neighbors in the city of Raleigh is our relationship-driven and gospel-centered academic mentor program.

“Fellowship Raleigh has been an incredible partner to Ligon GT Magnet Middle School. Our students have benefited from after-school mentoring, backpack buddies, and various resources to support our school community. Additionally, Fellowship Raleigh provided a “parenting education session” during our Parent Academy. Finally, annually they provide “teacher appreciation” breakfasts for the staff. I look forward to a continued relationship with Fellowship Raleigh and Pastor Matt.”

Gretta Dula, Principal, Ligon Middle School

Why Ligon?

Ligon is a Magnet Middle School that serves magnet students from all over Raleigh. Approximately 1/3 of Ligon’s 1,000 students are from Southeast Raleigh, an area of our city, which struggles with poverty, broken homes, youth gang involvement, and academic under-achievement.

Our passion to serve our city simply comes from the amazing love of God shown to us through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and from our church’s desire to be a credible witness in word and deed to this good news. Adopting Ligon is a practical way for our church to serve our city because it enables us to serve community leaders (i.e. principals & teachers) as well as struggling inner city families.

The heart of our ministry at Ligon is our weekly mentor program, which meets on campus every Thursday from 4:30-6 pm. Men and women from Fellowship Raleigh mentor about 12 Ligon students on a weekly basis. We are always looking for more mentors so please contact Tommy McClusky if you are interested (

A key verse that anchors our efforts is in God’s Word: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

Adopting Partnership So Far:

  • On Campus: There are Fellowship Raleigh members who serve as faculty at Ligon
  • Backpack Outreach: 3 years (2009,10, 16) we hosted a school supply event on Ligon’s campus at the beginning of the school year where we handed out 400 plus backpacks filled with school supplies, provided food and entertainment.
  • Faculty Breakfast: We serve the entire faculty breakfast, juice, and coffee multiple times each school year
  • The Mentor program: We host a 2X per week one-on-one mentoring program where adult members at Fellowship Raleigh connect weekly with their Ligon student to help them academically as well as build relationships with their families.
  • Spiritual Impact: We have seen some students from the mentor program, come to faith in Christ, get baptized, and several attend church each week as well as a Middle School Bible study hosted at Fellowship Raleigh on Sunday afternoons.

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