Inner City Mentor Program (LAMP)Ministries

Part of Fellowship Raleigh’s ministry to our neighbors in the city of Raleigh is our relationship-driven and gospel-centered academic mentor program.

“Fellowship Raleigh has been an incredible partner to Ligon GT Magnet Middle School. Our students have benefited from after-school mentoring, backpack buddies, and various resources to support our school community. Additionally, Fellowship Raleigh provided a “parenting education session” during our Parent Academy. Finally, annually they provide “teacher appreciation” breakfasts for the staff. I look forward to a continued relationship with Fellowship Raleigh and Pastor Matt.”

Gretta Dula, Principal, Ligon Middle School

Why Ligon?

Ligon is a Magnet Middle School that serves magnet students from all over Raleigh. Approximately 1/3 of Ligon’s 1,000 students are from Southeast Raleigh, an area of our city, which struggles with poverty, broken homes, youth gang involvement, and academic under-achievement.

Our passion to serve our city simply comes from the amazing love of God shown to us through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and from our church’s desire to be a credible witness in word and deed to this good news. Adopting Ligon is a practical way for our church to serve our city because it enables us to serve community leaders (i.e. principals & teachers) as well as struggling inner city families.

The heart of our ministry at Ligon is our weekly mentor program, which meets on campus every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-6 pm. Men and women from Fellowship Raleigh mentor about Ligon students on a weekly basis on Ligon’s campus. We are always looking for more mentors so please contact DeAngelo Jackson if you are interested (

A key verse that anchors our efforts is in God’s Word: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

Adopting Partnership So Far:

  • On Campus: There are Fellowship Raleigh members who serve as faculty at Ligon
  • Backpack Outreach: 3 years (2009,10, 16) we hosted a school supply event on Ligon’s campus at the beginning of the school year where we handed out 400 plus backpacks filled with school supplies, provided food and entertainment.
  • Faculty Breakfast: We serve the entire faculty breakfast, juice, and coffee multiple times each school year
  • The Mentor program: We host a 2X per week one-on-one mentoring program where adult members at Fellowship Raleigh connect weekly with their Ligon student to help them academically as well as build relationships with their families.
  • Spiritual Impact: We have seen some students from the mentor program, come to faith in Christ, get baptized, and grow spiritually. We have also seen several of the students and (sometimes with their families) begin attending and getting connected to Fellowship Raleigh Church.


Want to be part of this ministry. Contact: Ken Amelio at