College is truly a crossroads in life at which many students are shaped, future trajectories set, and new responsibilities are shouldered. Part of the draw of originally planting Fellowship Raleigh in the city of Raleigh was the 6 colleges and universities within a 3-mile radius of downtown. As a church, we desire to see college students hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be equipped to be passionate disciples of Jesus Christ on both on campus and in life post-college.

Fellowship Raleigh-81

College Bible Study (CBS):

1st and 3rd Thursdays | 6:30 pm

The College Bible Study is an opportunity for college students & those of college-age to gather and grow through the study of God’s Word. Come join the guys & gals for a time of fellowship and study! Details can be found on the church calendar

Location: The Palsgrove Home – 5200 Avent Ferry Road. Raleigh, NC 27606

Fellowship Raleigh Church:

Students are encouraged to find a church home during their time in college. Don’t date the church, rather be a vital member of the family of God at Fellowship Raleigh. Serve on a Sunday ministry team and pursue membership in the local church. Worship on Sundays at 10am (Directions).

Other Opportunities:

D-Group | An intensive Bible study for emerging student leaders.

Winter Conference | An opportunity for students in our college ministry to attend a winter conference over winter break.

Internship | Be faithful, available, and teachable and consider being a 2017 College Ministry Intern.

If you are interested in being a part of developing our college ministry, please email our College Ministry Director: Branden Caffoe