Vision & ValuesAbout Us

We desire to make the truth, beauty, and compassion of the Gospel visible through the local church to families and youth in the city, to students on the 6 college campuses in and around Raleigh, and wherever our church has a presence of authentic community through our Fellowship Groups.

City. Campus. Family.

We envision a regional church that is firmly rooted in the heart of our city.
We envision a multi-ethnic church that looks like our city.
We envision a multi-generational church that bridges campus and families, young and old.

Message. Mission. Movement.

We envision a church where message meets mission; where there is both love for strong Biblical teaching and urgency to show compassion.

We envision a great movement of God’s Spirit and an impact greater than that of one individual church through sending out church plants.

Driven by Our 4 Core Values.

1. Verse-by-Verse Biblical Teaching (2 Timothy 4:2)
2. Christ Exalting Worship (John 4:24)
3. Authentic Church Community (Hebrews 10:24-25)
4. Compassionate Mission (Luke 10:37)

We are all about being and making passionate disciples of Jesus in the local church.